To experience industrial heritage – in the cradle of the industrialisation


Routes on the Industrial and Social History

The History Workshop, a cooperation project with the Bergische Historical Society e.V., Department of Wuppertal, has developed 13 urban district routes on the Industrial and Social History of the Industrial City of Wuppertal. The routes tie in with the themes, which are represented in the Museum for Early Industrialization, and use examples to show the commercial and industrial development of the City of Wuppertal.

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Further information about the History Workshop and the routes of industrial heritage.

Network of Industrial Heritage Bergisches Land e.V.

The association supports the dissemination of knowledge about the rich and interesting industrial heritage landscape of the Bergisches Land. Here you will find amongst other things information about exhibitions, sights and events around the subject of industrial heritage.

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Bergisch Museum Railways

Thanks to the association Bergisch Museum Railways e.V. even today you can go by historical trams and thus delve into history. Once a month the lovingly cared rail cars set off again. Or are you perhaps still looking for an extraordinary experience for a wedding or for a club outing? Then you may simply rent yourself one of these impressive vehicles.

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Kafka Ribbon Weaving Mill and Museum

To save the old-established weaving mill, Frauke Kafka  transformed it in 1991 into a living museum. Again and again the weaving mill opens its doors, to enable others to share in the well-kept old looms und the traditional crafts of the ribbon weaving mill. On the homepage you will also learn, how and where you may acquire ribbons in the old-established or modern pattern.

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Ribbon weaver museum of the Friedrich-Bayer-Realschule (secondary school)

A museum in a school? Yes, there is such a thing as well. In the rooms of the Friedrich-Bayer-Realschule (secondary school) you can immerse always on Thursdays or by arrangement in the world of the most important Wuppertal trade: The ribbon weaving. The topic is communicated  in a modern, vivid and interactive way.

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Ribbon Knitting Museum Ronsdorf

Here you can experience vividly the development of the ribbon knitting trade, which in Ronsdorf in former times had been of outstanding importance. By the way, there is also the possibility to get married in the rooms of the museum.

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Tool Museum of the Knipex-Factory

This long-established company  with Cronenberg roots in the meantime is world-famous.  If you want to know more about the beginnings, come in and have a look.

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Consumer Cooperative Society "Vorwärts" („Onwards“)

The association has set itself the task, to preserve the building complex of the old consumer cooperative society at the Münzstraße and to open it for interested people. On the homepage you will find numerous information about the buildings, the history of the consumer cooperative society and about guided tours.

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