More about Friedrich Engels

The Engels family originally owned five residential buildings in the former Unterbarmen marsh. The oldest, the parent house (I) of the Engels family, south of the today´s museum area, was completely removed by railway construction (1842). From the parent house (II) only remains of the foundation walls (below the today´s museum courtyard) can still be seen.

The third house (formerly Bruch (marsh) No. 127) is now home to the Engels-Museum, next to this another, bigger and also more manorial equipped house of the family. Added to this there originally still existed the birthplace of Friedrich Engels, which was destroyed during the war (1943). Today its former location is evident in a memorial stone.

The museum long ago has gained recognition in the region as an extracurricular place of learning: Since its opening it has been visited by more than 130.000 school children in a class group from all different types of school. These pupils are guided by own educational specialists. Great value is placed on this pedagogical work, because it seems important to us, to acquaint young people with historical questions and to invite them to linger in a historical epoch. But a visit to the museum should also be fun, should convey enjoyment in one´s own discoveries and researches, without absolutely holding up any pedagogical point of view.

In the historical Engels-House there is an exhibition with original documents about life and works of Friedrich Engels, whose roots are located in Wuppertal.